Roger Squitero



Hartford Courant
"Percussionist Roger Squitero sprinkles rhythmic colorations over each piece, a symbolic blessing consecrating this happy homage that might well have evoked appreciative smiles from Miles himself."
Ensemble sound is paramount here - this is a band with a textured and nuanced aural approach, one inestimably enhanced by the subtle contributions of Squitero, the most tasteful and spare percussionist ever to grace a piano-bass-drums group.
Squitero is more prominent on "Seven Steps to Heaven," adding sharp, knocking percussion during the stretched-out theme and a conga solo breaking out of ensemble kicker riffs. "

  Jazz Times
"In most of the tracks, percussionist Roger Squitero provides color and in "Seven Steps From Heaven" a splendid solo on bongos."
"the bluesy, almost "So What"-ish "595" which is a showcase for Ron's writing and arranging plus Squitero's background percussive virtuosity. "
  All About Jazz
"The other selection, "595," closes the disc with a slick, laid-back groove colored nicely by Squitero's arsenal of auxiliary percussion."

"Roger Squitero proves little things do a lot: A burst of shaker on the bluesy "Bye Bye Blackbird," distant chimes on a gorgeous "Stella by Starlight," and a boiling Latin conga solo on "Seven Steps to Heaven" add texture and drama to works that are already exhilarating."
"Roger Squitero adds some tasty percussion sounds that flavor the songs like a chef adding seasoning."


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